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LuDus501 Releases Mobile Survival Game on Google Play
Mobile Simulation Game
LuDus501 Releases Mobile Survival Game on Google Play
  • By Cho Jin-young
  • April 25, 2017, 06:30
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Jung Suk-hee, CEO of LuDuS501.
Jung Suk-hee, CEO of LuDuS501.


LuDuS501 announced that it has released its mobile simulation game “Dangerous Outside the Blanket” on Google Play.

“Dangerous Outside the Blanket” is a clicker game that allows players at all ages to enjoy. The game puts players in everyday situations and is based on a survival and cultivation system. As one of game genres, a clicker is a compound word of click, which is the act of pressing the mouse button during computer games, and “er,” and it is addicting.

Combining a mobile device, which has portability, accessibility and touch-friendly features, and a clicker game, which has simplicity, clicking and automatic negligence, it has become the best game genre for a long time, enabling players to enjoy games easily and comfortably at anytime and anywhere.

“Dangerous Outside the Blanket” is getting popular due to its special gameplay unlike other clicker games.

The game prompts players to choose specific actions in response to situations that arise in various aspects of everyday life, such as going to work, office duties, routine after getting home from work. In the game, however, these actions result in the players’ characters either living or dying in absurd yet hilarious scenarios.

The unique gameplay that is uncertain when and where game players die makes them relate to. Also, there is a system that allows users to share the results of their life-and-death decisions via social media channels.

Having received numerous awards, including the Korea Mobile App Award, for its mobile game “Golftrix” released in 2015, LuDuS501 has been acknowledged as well-made game studio that creates differentiated systems through “Dangerous Outside the Blanket.”

“Dangerous Outside the Blanket” will be released on an iOS version in Japan, Taiwan and China. In addition, LuDuS501 will carry out various events to celebrate the launch of the game and further information will be posted on its Facebook account “ludus501.”

LuDuS501 CEO Jung Suk-hee said, “As China recently stands out in the game sector as well, I think Korean indie game developers and game startups urgently needs to grow. We will work together with the Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation and KT to fully dedicate ourselves to promotional and marketing activities at home and abroad. We will also participate in major overseas game shows to expand into other countries.”