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4Grit Launches Open Beta Service of 'Beusable'
User Experience analysis
4Grit Launches Open Beta Service of 'Beusable'
  • By Michael Herh
  • April 19, 2017, 03:00
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Park Tae-joon, CEO of 4Grit.(4th from left)
Park Tae-joon, CEO of 4Grit.(4th from left)


On March 6, 4Grit.com began to conduct an open beta service of "Beusable (www.beusable.net)," a service that makes a quantitative analysis of user experience (UX).

4Grit is a team of Naver UI developers who develop and operate services that handle online users’ UX big data as quantitative and visible data.

Unlike Google GA, Adobe Target, and IBM Tealeaf, which deal with the results of existing user behavior (statistics), the "Beusable" service, which is released in an open beta format, handles user behavior processes.

The "Beusable" service focuses on suggesting the causes of user's behaviors and how to address them since the service deals the process about the results of user experiences not by a simple statistics but a visual data. The service also gives support to make it easy and fast to perform cumbersome and lengthy UX analysis by providing specialized functions for UX.

Park Tae-joon, CEO of 4Grit, said that his company developed the service with an aspiration not to leave UX as an area exclusively for specialists but to expand UX into an area which all people related to online service can easily apply and deal with it.

On top of that, CEO Park said that design was an area exclusively for designers in the past but now it is a basic requirement for everyone in all areas, and the UX research sector will develop in the same manner as design, so Beusable aims to support the trend.”  

Anyone can participate in the open beta service through its website (www.beusable.net) and can use the service without restrictions through simple membership registration, according to the company.