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Haebora Develops AI Voice Service ‘RippleBuds’
Bluetooth Wireless Earset
Haebora Develops AI Voice Service ‘RippleBuds’
  • By Michael Herh
  • April 14, 2017, 02:45
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RippleBuds, a Bluetooth earpiece and its portable charging case of Haebora’s own development
RippleBuds, a Bluetooth earpiece and its portable charging case of Haebora’s own development


Shin Doo-shik, the CEO of startup Haebora which developed the world’s Bluetooth wireless earset called “RippleBuds” that enables its user to speak and listen via the ear, expressed his ambition to make a foray into the AI market. Haebora will attempt to reach a 100% recognition rate of an AI ​​device regardless of surrounding noises based on a principle that a human voice is directly delivered to an earset microphone in the ear.

Haebora was sounding out business alliance with Amazon that developed AI speaker “Alexa” and Apple that has voice recognition secretary “Siri” for smartphones, Shin added.

CEO Shin started product development in 2010. With supports from the government and KT, Haebora succeeded in bringing out RippleBuds in December last year. 120 patents were applied to the development of the product. RippleBuds also raised more than US$1.3 million at Indiegogo, a leading crowd funding website in the United States.

When RippleBuds is combined with smartphones and speakers equipped with AI speech recognition, the product offers an optimized user environment, according to Shin. "While a keyboard, a mouse, a touch screen, or the like are typical input devices, voice recognition devices will become next generation input devices starting from this year when a large number of AI devices are expected to come out," CEO Shin said.

CEO Shin plans to develop the Bluetooth earset equipped with an AI function as the next work. This product will offer a way to get an immediate answer from a set of earphones in the ear after giving an order to the set without a smartphone or speaker.

“We will hold a meeting with various global companies in the future and focus on promoting RippleBuds," CEO Shin said.