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Luke Korea Launches ‘Golden Care’ Application
Medical Document management
Luke Korea Launches ‘Golden Care’ Application
  • By Michael Herh
  • April 13, 2017, 02:45
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Kim Seung-soo, CEO of Luke Korea.
Kim Seung-soo, CEO of Luke Korea.


Luke Korea introduced “Golden Care,” an application that captures and manages medical documents such as prescriptions, medical bills and medical envelopes on a smartphone.

Golden Care provides a function to sort various kinds of medical materials by hospital, date, disease, document by keeping various medical related documents at home with a smartphone camera. The documents that were input in the form of photos can be turned into digital data in the app and viewed in real time.

If you register idiosyncrasies such as allergies or negative side effects triggered by certain medicines in the app in advance, the app will help you safely take medicines by checking your prescription or medication information on medical envelopes saved in the app. It also has an “eraser” function, which enables a user to mask part of a photographed document before uploading the document for the safekeeping of personal information.

The app also provides an overall health care function. You can manage your life logs such as sleep time, drinking, food intake, and emotions, child growth records and immunization schedules, etc. with this app. The life log function supports interlocking the external products allied with Luke Korea, such as blood glucose meters and smart scales, via internet of things (IoT) features.

A shopping mall in the app features excellent small businesses’ health foods and products that are neither well known nor easy to find in the market. Luke Korea will also provide customized health information reports and products based on customer-uploaded information via Golden Care in the future.

Golden Care helps individuals to store and manage medical information in their smartphones. By using Golden Care, people are able to take the initiative in relationships with insurance companies by unifying patients’ medical information scattered to each medical institutions. Systemic healthcare for medical consumers also saves the overall insurance cost across the insurance industry.

Luke Korea is working on load Golden Care with clinical reservation services and hospital CRM services to connect small and mid-sized medical institutions and visiting patients. They will increase users’ accessibility and the app’s usefulness with the functions of hospital reservation and Q&A.