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‘Earing’ Launches Social SNS-based ‘Earing’ featuring Voice Contents of Users
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‘Earing’ Launches Social SNS-based ‘Earing’ featuring Voice Contents of Users
  • By Choi Mun-hee
  • April 10, 2017, 05:45
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A screen capture of Earing’s website.
A screen capture of Earing’s website.


As the media industry is expected to change dramatically, a Korean startup made headlines by launching a social news briefing app that combines social media.

In December last year, News briefing app “Earing” ( launched the Earing featuring a variety of voice contents of users. Earing is a social network (SNS) platform that delivers and shares audio news and information.

What differentiates Earing from others is voice communication, which is a unique crowd sourcing platform though which every user can become a caster. Especially, aspiring voice actors and announcers can use the service as good opportunities to test their talent beforehand.

"One topic of voice contents is limited to less than 27 seconds,” said Lee Hyuk-jae, CEO of Earing. "The optimal time for a single content on a topic is 27 seconds. Users’ voices and characteristics are different, defying boredom."

When a user selects his or her channel of interest in the app, he or she can hear news and information about the sector as if the user were briefed by a personal assistant.

In addition, if you connect earphones or Bluetooth audio, you do not need to run the app and can hear new audio news automatically. In addition, for drivers who have Bluetooth connection to their vehicle, it is advantageous that they can use the service conveniently and safely without touching smartphones separately.