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KOGAS Shows Advanced LNG Technology at World Stage
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KOGAS Shows Advanced LNG Technology at World Stage
  • By Lee Song-hoon
  • April 6, 2017, 03:15
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The Gastech 2017 Conference and Exhibition.
The Gastech 2017 Conference and Exhibition.


Korea Gas Corp. (KOGAS) presented a paper about the world’s first LNG storage tank maintenance technology and LNG terminal technology evaluation methods at the Gastech 2017 Conference and Exhibition taking place in Japan on April 5.

The LNG storage tank maintenance technology, which repairs and improves storage tanks after stopping and opening the storage tanks which are operated at extremely low temperatures, is considered the most advanced technology owned by only the KOGAS in the world.

Until now, it has been impossible to open and repair LNG storage tanks in operation, while checks on only operation data, which shows the state of storage tanks, and outside equipment of storage tanks has been allowed. With the new maintenance technology of the KOGAS, companies can significantly improve the safety of storage tanks.

The KOGAS Terminal Operation Level (K-TOL), a LNG terminal technology evaluation method released by Kim Cha-hwan, deputy head of the production and operation division at the KOGAS, is the evaluation model developed by the KOGAS for the first time in the world. It allows an objective assessment of 36 sections, such as LNG terminal facilities, system and workforce.

The KOGAS, which seeks to push into the global market by commercializing the technology, plans to actively promote its advanced technology to the world through not only the conference but also the exhibition at the Gastech 2017 which ends on the 7th.