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Virtualive Offers AR-Based 'Hairfit' Service
Hairstyling Solution
Virtualive Offers AR-Based 'Hairfit' Service
  • By Michael Herh
  • April 4, 2017, 03:00
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CEO Lee Jae-yeol of Virtualive.
CEO Lee Jae-yeol of Virtualive.


Virtualive CEO Lee Jae-yeol focused on Big Data and Augmented Reality (AR) as a way to solve people’s troubles which had lasted for 221 years. Although the company started its business in May last year, the data have been collected from a long time ago. Finally the closed “Hairfit (” Service was launched by Paran Hair in the second half of last year.

Hairfit features production of data through the combination of faces and hair. There is no same hairstyle. This is because face types are different. Hairstyles change according to face types. Analyzing this subtlety and showing it via AR are the core of the Hairfit Solution.

In addition, CEO Lee will launch services available to the general public on PCs and mobile webs, and is planning to support the selection of hair designers by making a reservation after checking whether or not a hairstyle matches a user.

The service does not end at choosing a style. The reason why the service connects customers and hair designers is based on CEO Lee’s idea that communications are vital to creating a style.

CEO Lee’s analysis is that even the same hair is implemented differently by each hair designer, and the difference determines the customer's satisfaction. Hair designers have different hair styling skills just as people have different hair types.

"Just as every person has a different personality and work style, hairstyling is different depending on hair designers,” CEO Lee said, adding, “It will secure the most satisfactory hair style and the relationship between a customer and a hair designer to let the customer check hair designers’ style books, choose one style and complete his or her hair.”

AR is much anticipated as a tool that allows users to preview various experiences along with virtual reality (VR). Virtualive aims to advance overseas after securing a foothold in Korea. In particular, China is a main target. Virtualive is vowing to make a “Korean Hair” wave.