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Buzzvil Notches Two Wins in Patent Dispute with Yello Mobile
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Buzzvil Notches Two Wins in Patent Dispute with Yello Mobile
  • By Cho Jin-young
  • January 16, 2017, 05:00
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The logo of buzzvil
The logo of buzzvil


Buzzvil, a startup based in Korea, announced on January 16 that it won two intellectual property(IP) lawsuits filed against Coocha, Yello Mobile’s flagship shopping platform. The result came in a year after the first lawsuit which the Korean startup filed in January 2016, followed by the second one a month later.

Last August, the Intellectual Property Trial and Appeal Board judged in favor of Buzzvil for Coocha’s complaint to invalidate Buzzvil’s patent. In November, the board stated that Coocha is under IP infringement, violating Buzzvil’s patent in a lawsuit for validation of patent scope. The series of lawsuit were triggered by the launch of Coocha Slide in December 2015, which directly violates Buzzvil’s patent.

The lawsuits have been focused on the unique technology which Buzzvil earned a patent for in 2013. The technology named “Advertising System and Method Using In-app Advertisement Module” is a software development kit (SDK) which advertisers can insert into existing applications to display advertisements on lock screens and create rewards. Buzzvil has also acquired patents in Japan and Taiwan, being recognized for its uniqueness.

“Since Coocha Slide conducts not only all aspects of Buzzvil’s patent, but also does it in the same method, it can be concluded that Coocha is carrying out the invention that falls under the scope of Buzzvil’s patent,” the board judged in favor of Buzzvil.

“Since Buzzvil’s patent is different from the Cashslidem, which Coocha owns, in terms of objective, composition and effect, Buzzvil’s patent cannot be invalidated,” the board said acknowledging validity of Buzzvil’s patent.

Buzzvil, the leader in lock screen advertising platform, is the developer of Buzzscreen – the world’s first SDK which allows developers to easily add lock screen advertising function into existing application. Coocha is a shopping platform subsidiary of Yello Mobile, an alliance of approximately 80 ventures.