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[Cover Story #2] Venture-Startup Expo, Global Venture Week Kicked Off at COEX in Seoul
Venture-Startup Event
[Cover Story #2] Venture-Startup Expo, Global Venture Week Kicked Off at COEX in Seoul
  • By Lee Song-hoon
  • December 5, 2016, 07:45
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An image of Venture Startup Expo in 2016.
An image of Venture Startup Expo in 2016.


With an eye towards strengthening the global capabilities of Korean venture start-ups, the Venture-Startup Expo 2016 has been held by the Small and Medium Business Administration at COEX C Hall on December 1, which will continue until December 4.  

The Venture-Startup Expo will encourage and praise venture start-ups which performed greatly and provide a wide array of information to prospective business founders and start-up companies preparing to start their venture business with good ideas. In addition, the event will give hope and opportunities to venture businesses that experienced business failures by introducing support policies for second chances to them so that they will be make a successful comeback with their ideas.

This year’s Venture-Startup Expo has been participated in by over 450 companies and open 500 booths. The exhibition consists of four themes: Creation, Innovation, Global and Challenge. In addition, other booths has been set up. At each booth, exhibitors of excellent products developed by entrepreneurs, preliminary founders, and startup companies can obtain information necessary for business management and consult with experts in each field.

Apart from the exhibitions, the awards ceremony has been also prepared. Moreover, the Venture-Startup Expo holds various events such as Re-Challenge Day, the One-Person Creative Firm Forum, the Global Venture Start-Up Conference, the INKE General Meeting and the Global Venture Week-Seoul which attracts much attention not only from venture start-ups and those preparing to found their own businesses but from the general public.

“There is an increase in companies that benefit from the expansion of opportunities for start-ups such as government support policies and various industrial contests. Nevertheless, a majority of prospective business founders and start-ups miss opportunities to utilize such support systems. We hope this exhibition will help them,” said a representative of the Venture-Startup Expo.

During the Expo, the Korea Venture Business Association (KOVA) held the 2016 Global Venture Week Seoul at COEX Intercontinental Hotel and COEX Hall by inviting overseas buyers for two days from December 1 to 2.

The 2016 Global Venture Week held by the Small and Medium Business Administration, the KOVA and the International Network of Korean Entrepreneurs (INKE) aims to help Korea’s excellent venture start-ups make a foray into global markets by attracting global investment, landing more orders and forming a network of experts.

On December 1, the organizers sought cooperation among venture industries at home and abroad via an agreement signing ceremony with the INKE, the Seoul Business Administration (SBA) and the Korea Venture Business Women’s Association (KOVWA) while helping young venture start-ups have a better understanding of advancement into overseas markets by way of business mentoring.  

At the Business Matching Conference held at COEX Hall on December 2, Korean venture businesspeople from around the world were invited to discuss local market understanding, customized business matching according to company types and strategic partnership with local companies.

“We hope that this Global Venture Week will help domestic venture start-ups successfully enter overseas markets,” said Jung Joon, chairman of the KOVA. Exchanges of more specialized information and business tie-ups between the INKE with 80 branches in 48 countries and Korean venture start-ups which applied for the event will promote and crystallize Korean venture start-ups’ advancement into global markets.