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To Be Held in Daegu City on October 30
Water Expo Korea 2013
To Be Held in Daegu City on October 30
  • By matthew
  • October 10, 2013, 09:04
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The 2013 Water Expo logo.
The 2013 Water Expo logo.


The Water Expo Korea 2013 takes place at the EXCO Convention Center located in Daegu City between October 30 and November 1, to promote the water industry as a future growth driver of Korea. The Water Expo Korea is the country’s first and foremost water business-to-business exhibition and conference, hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Daegu City, and the organizing committee for the World Water Forum 2015. 

The purpose of the exhibition is to boost the international standing of Water City Daegu and establish global networks among water industry experts. This year’s expo and conference are co-organized by the Korea Water Forum, which is a Korean government agency and think tank in charge of its water-related policy, technological cooperation, and international partnership. 

GS Engineering & Construction, one of the leading players in the industry, participates in the trade fair as the gold sponsor. The company has recently taken over Inima of Spain, the 10th largest water treatment facility manufacturer in the world. Also, a number of companies doing business in the fields of water treatment, reuse, conversion, and membrane manufacturing are going to take part in it, including Veolia Water in France, the Korea Water Resources Corporation, Woongjin Chemical, Royal Precision, and Synopex. 

The subsidiary events for this year’s Water Conference include the 6th Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering (CESE) Conference, the Membrane Society of Korea General Meeting and Autumn Scientific Meeting, the Water Management Symposium and the Water Industry Cluster Vision Forum and Policy Presentation. A large number of global water industry experts, environmental engineers, policymakers, and scholars are going to visit the venue during the period. Government agencies, ordering bodies and related organizations are invited for business information sessions, too. 

The water industry is emerging rapidly with the population continuing to increase and climate change accelerating. Under the circumstances, the Water Expo Korea 2013 is expected to be a boon to Korean companies’ global market penetration, technological development, and industrial network expansion. 

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