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21st Century Entrepreneurship & Daegu [The GEC+, #6]
Invitation to Daegu Spirit
21st Century Entrepreneurship & Daegu [The GEC+, #6]
  • By lsh
  • August 25, 2016, 11:30
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Kwon Young-jin, Daegu Metropolitan City Mayor
Kwon Young-jin, Daegu Metropolitan City Mayor


The world is changing.

The wave of enormous changes dubbed the Fourth Industrial Revolution or New Industrial Revolution is blowing in the industry, while society is turning into new community society in earnest in order to integrate more diverse needs into shared values. Now, the 21st century new industrial society and new community society has begun. 

Businesses are also changing. “Entrepreneurship” is becoming the talk of the town with questions like “why am I conducting business activities for, what and how am I going to do for that and with whom?”

Now, the entrepreneurship has become the core business value of companies, and the entrepreneurship of today, which is called new industry and new community society, has become the existence value of companies as well.

On August 25, great scholars from all over the world will gather in Daegu to discuss the 21st Century Entrepreneurship.

As we well know, Daegu is a city which has led South Korea’s industrialization. With the textile industry in 1960s and 70s, the city revived the national economy. Samsung, one of the world's biggest technology conglomerates, started as a company based in Daegu, Moreover, the Saemaul Undong, or the New Community Movement, a global development model to eradicate poverty, was inspired by the civic spirit of Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province.

In such a city, the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Expert Meeting will be attended by 500 experts, professors, students and businessmen from 25 countries around the world. The meeting is expected to help set up the 21st Century Entrepreneurship which has been upgraded to the next level.

With the meeting, Daegu hopes to brace for a newer and better future, beyond the past glory. The city has already been making preparations to open the new era. Daegu is changing its economic structure focusing on new businesses, mainly water, medical services, energy, future vehicles and IoT, and it is making efforts to create spaces in where Korean younger people can show their dream and the passion. In addition, the city has formed bigger stages embracing all of these, such as Water Industry Cluster, High-tech Medical Complex, National Industrial Complex and Korea’s First Creative Economy Innovation Center.

Now, we want to invite the youth and businessmen, who can satisfy the diverse demands of global consumers, to the stage. In short, we want to attract 21st Century Entrepreneurs with new civic spirit and creative entrepreneurship.

Bill Gates said, “Success is not about how much money you make. It is rather about how much you make others impressed.”

We are politely and dauntlessly inviting you to Daegu. “Impressive” entrepreneurs who are filled with creative entrepreneurship, come to Daegu!