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Ssangyong Motor Expanding Tivoli Air’s Presence Globally
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Ssangyong Motor Expanding Tivoli Air’s Presence Globally
  • By Jung Min-hee
  • July 1, 2016, 02:15
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Ssangyong Motor, Tivoli Air.
Ssangyong Motor, Tivoli Air.


Ssangyong Motor announced on June 29 that it will push to expand global sales of Tivoli Air (XLV) by launching the model in the overseas market.

The local auto maker recently held its launching and test-driving events for media in Köln  and Wuerzburg, Germany. Earlier, in May this year, the automaker held the same events in Madrid, Spain and Torino, Italy.

The Korean auto maker explained that the event held in Germany was attended by some 50 journalists, who expressed a high satisfaction with design, stable running performance on and off road, and various storage spaces.

The auto company plans to continue the launching events of Tivoli in other countries by holding them in France next month and in UK in August. In addition to media events, it is carrying out ad campaigns to enhance the Tivoli brand in 54 European countries through Eurosport, the largest sports channel in Europe, while bolstering local marketing by participating in local events including a variety of exhibitions.

“Thanks to the popularity of Tivoli with differentiated design, practical value, and economical feasibility, the brand is on the steady rise in the European market, and so we will make efforts to expand the global sales and secure competitiveness in many ways by strengthening the local marketing of the brand and diversifying markets,” said CEO Choi Johng-sik. .