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Marking 300 Trillion Won in Revenue, 500 Trillion in Total Assets
Samsung Group
Marking 300 Trillion Won in Revenue, 500 Trillion in Total Assets
  • By matthew
  • September 23, 2013, 07:48
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Samsung Group continues to grow despite the global economic crisis and the domestic recession, marking 300 trillion won (US$278 billion) in annual sales. 

According to Samsung Group on September 21, the total sales for 2012 was 302.9 trillion won (US$281.5 billion), which increased by 10.4% from last year’s 274.3 trillion won (US$255.0 billion). 

In 2008 when the global economic crisis began, Samsung Group recorded less than 200 trillion won in sales (191.1 trillion won, US$177 billion). However, sales grew to 220.1 trillion won (US$204.6 billion) in 2009 and 254.6 trillion won (US$236.7 billion) by 2010. 

This growth has been heavily affected by the cell phone sales of Samsung Electronics. 

Samsung Electronics marked 121.3 trillion won (US$112.7 billion) in sales in 2008, then increased to 136.3 trillion (US$126.7 billion) in 2009, 154.6 trillion won (US$143.7 billion) in 2010, and 165 trillion won (US$153.8 billion) in 2011. Last year, Samsung Electronics finally recorded 200 trillion won in sales (201.1 trillion won, US$186.9 billion). This made up two thirds of the group’s total sales. 

In addition, Samsung Group recorded 500 trillion won (US$464.8 billion) in total assets. In 2008, it was 317.5 trillion won (US$295.2 billion) and steadily grew to 343.8 trillion (US$319.6 billion), 391.4 trillion (US$363.9 billion), 435 trillion (US$404 billion), and finally 503.6 trillion won (US$468.1 billion). 

From last year’s total assets, 224.4 trillion won (US$208.5 billion) was in equity capital and 279.2 trillion won (US$259.6 billion) was in liabilities.

The group recorded 29.5 trillion won (US$27.4 billion) in net profit, which is the highest yet. This is 2.5 times higher than the 11.8 trillion won (US$11.0 billion) marked in 2008 when the economic crisis began. 

Last year, 425,000 employees worked for Samsung Group.