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Foldable, Modular Smartphones to Hit the Market
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Foldable, Modular Smartphones to Hit the Market
  • By Cho Jin-young
  • May 31, 2016, 03:30
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Google’s modular smartphone “Ara.”
Google’s modular smartphone “Ara.”


Foldable and modular smartphones will hit the market in succession. 

According to industry sources on May 30, Samsung Electronics is reportedly close to completing the development of foldable smartphone. Foreign media outlets, including Sammobile, said that the company will launch the Galaxy X, its first smartphone with a bendable display, as early as next year. 

China’s OPPO, which has become the world’s fourth largest smartphone manufactuer in the first quarter, has also finished the development of foldable smartphone. A Chinese IT news site recently revealed images of the prototype of OPPO’s foldable smartphone. It looks more like a tablet because it is bigger than smartphones. It also has a rectangle shape design which can be horizontally folded in half. It is still unknown when exactly the company will release the product. 

Moreover, modular smartphones, which are being paid attention by with the release of the LG G5, will come into the market soon. The Ara, an assemblable smartphone which was officially unveiled by Google at the Developers Conference on May 20, is expected to be launched as early as the fourth quarter this year. While the LG G5 allows you to add separate modules, such as audio and camera, in the existing smartphone, the Google Ara enables you to assemble components only that you need, like camera, battery, display and speaker, to form a complete smartphone. 

In addition, Motorola will also officially reveal its modular smartphones “Moto X series” next month. The devices will enable users to add separate modules, such as lenses and battery, in the back of the Moto X models.