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Making Social Contributions through “Growth and Self-Support of Talented People”
Making Social Contributions through “Growth and Self-Support of Talented People”
  • By matthew
  • September 3, 2013, 02:43
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Children play in a water fountain as part of a building completion ceremony on An Bihn Island in Vietnam.
Children play in a water fountain as part of a building completion ceremony on An Bihn Island in Vietnam.


Doosan is actively participating in contributing to society by cultivating talented people for our society’s future, based on its social contribution philosophy of “Growth and Self-Support of Talented People.” The Yonkang Foundation is at the center of this. The Yonkang Foundation was founded in 1978 as the dying wish of Doosan’s first chairman Park Doo-byung, who believed in “Education as the driving force behind national development.” Since then, the Yonkang Foundation has been supporting research funds, study abroad programs for teachers, book donations, and operating the Doosan Art Center.

Also, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Park’s inauguration, the foundation established the Yonkang Artist Award in October 2010 for artists under the age of 40 who have high potential to promote Korean performance and fine arts around the world.

Doosan is currently running a project called the Time Traveler to cultivate talented people. This project, which began in July of last year, helps 8th to 10th grade students from schools located in Seoul with photography. It focuses on those students who have difficulty with healthy self-discovery or emotional cultivation due to their home and/or surrounding environments.

Doosan’s social contributions continue in its affiliates as well. Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Company has teamed up with Changwon City to support local government policy projects, local talent cultivation, and minority groups. In fact, it has set up a sisterhood relationship with the Changwon Science High School and signed industrial-educational agreements with specialized high schools and technical colleges to cultivate more talented students. The company also provides scholarships to stellar students from low-income families. In addition, the company is taking an active role in community service through its 8 social service groups and 4 volunteer groups, such as the environmental safety education service group, consisting of 6,400 executives and staff members.

As a global enterprise, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Company is also participating in social contributions for its major markets in Vietnam, India, and Southeast Asia. Specifically in Vietnam, where its large-scale manufacturing plants are located, the company is providing medical services, fresh water services, and scholarship services. A community service group of 1,000 on-site employees also provide locally customized volunteering. In India, elementary schools in low-income areas have been set as sister schools for improving the educational environment. Furthermore, the company is doing good work globally, such as supporting victims in Pakistan and Indonesia, restoring Sichuan from earthquake effects, and providing water filtration facilities in Angkor-Wat and Cambodia.

Doosan Infracore Company has been building “Hope Schools” in China since 2001. This is part of the company’s “Build Hope” project to build schools and educational environments in rural areas of China. The company has donated a total of 9,850K yuan (about 1.7 billion won, US$1.5 million), as well as building 26 schools in 25 districts, and is in the process building 6 more. Two schools in Sichuan and Liaoning will be completed this year. During the school break, outstanding students and teachers are invited to the Beijing and Yantai facilities for opportunities to participate in Doosan summer camps for broadening experiences.

Doosan Engine Company is using its business characteristic of diesel engine production to participate in marine environmental protection acts. Each quarter, the company does marine environment cleanup projects by collecting Styrofoam, glass bottles, plastic bags, and other trash around the Doosan Engine shipment dock and surrounding seas, including Jinhae Bay. In addition, Doosan Engine signed an MOU with Chungwang School, where about 200 hearing-impaired and physically-handicapped students attend, in order to help disabled students become independent individuals in the society. Also, it cooperates with a local child center to not only provide financial support, but also host company visitation events and outdoor activities.