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LG H&H Contributes to Health, Education of Women, Children
Strong Social Impact
LG H&H Contributes to Health, Education of Women, Children
  • By Choi Mun-hee
  • December 18, 2015, 01:15
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Teenage girls wash their faces at “Borrowing Earth Camp,” which was designed to build good habits in young people.
Teenage girls wash their faces at “Borrowing Earth Camp,” which was designed to build good habits in young people.


LG Household & Health Care (LG H&H) is engaged in social contribution programs in areas where the company can utilize its own specialized skills and resources: beauty, health, and refreshment. The company claims that this approach helps LG H&H to more effectively contribute to society than via generic philanthropic activities.

One of the areas that LG H&H focuses on in relation to social contribution programs relates to environmental education. Last year, LG H&H launched an educational program on environmental protection called Global Eco Leader. Operating under the partnership with Eco Mom Korea, the Ministry of Environment and the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, Global Eco Leader promotes healthy lifestyles and raises the awareness of environmental issues among youth.

The Global Eco Leader program has organized 25 environmental clubs with 700 leaders throughout the country, including in the Seoul metropolitan area, Busan and Jeju. These leaders in turn will lead environmental campaigns in their schools and regions. Each club holds monthly meetings. With a lot of emphasis placed on active interactions between organizers, instructors and students vis-à-vis one-way teaching, LG H&H dispatches in-house researchers to the scene and has them get involved with local groups. LG H&H’s vision for the Global Eco Leader program is to bring about changes in home, school, and community by first changing the habits of teenagers. 

“Borrowing Earth Camp” is a camp-type activity that operates under the auspices of Global Eco Leader. Designed in cooperation with the industry-academic collaboration foundation at Ewha Womans University, the program focuses on changing small day-to-day habits that do harm to the environment such as wasting water.

Along with Eco Mom Korea, 200 Global Eco Leader students participated in the “UN Biodiversity Youth Conference,” a session for youth during the the twelfth meeting among the parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity in Pyeongchang last October. For 3 days and 2 nights, participants had an opportunity to build in-depth knowledge on environmental risks posed to biological diversity.

In order to help the program take root, LG H&H plans to hold a certificate awarding ceremony where the company will award “eco leaders” with awards issued by Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, the Ministry of Environment, and the director of the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute. In this way, LG H&H promotes environmental awareness among youth and fosters leadership in this area.

In addition to Global Eco Leader, LG H&H runs an education program for dental hygiene for youth. The program initially had a celebratory tone to it, as LG H&H cerebrated the 50th anniversary of the company’s toothpaste business in 2004. Titled the Perioe Kids’ School program, it teaches preschool teachers, parents and the general public appropriate oral care tips. Namely, the Perioe Kids’ School program sends in-house dental hygienists to preschools to offer dental hygiene education. By 2012, members of the program visited 1,660 preschools and 143,000 children have participated in the program.

An insider in the Social Responsibility division at LG H&H said, “The company considers any social contribution programs led by LG H&H to be closely related to the company’s core business areas such as household goods, cosmetics and beverages to have significant impact on the society. Moreover, the effort in communication and interaction with the public in the process of running the social contribution program is also important. The company will continue to be actively engaged in social contribution programs that have significant links to the health and education of women and children.”