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Kooksoondang's Traditional Delicacies Beat Winter Chills
Holding Back the Cold
Kooksoondang's Traditional Delicacies Beat Winter Chills
  • By marie
  • December 8, 2015, 06:00
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As winter comes, Kooksoondang has started to serve warm rice wines like “moju,” “yedam” and “baekseju” at Baekseju Village, a Kooksoondang-run traditional tavern. They are being offered for only a limited time during the winter months.

Kooksoondang’s warmly served traditional Korean wines help blood circulation, relaxation and recovery of the body from winter fatigue. In particular, as the alcohol evaporates during the boiling process, there is no need to worry about getting drunk.

Moju, which is traditionally enjoyed during the winter time, has two types. One is Goheung Citron Moju, which is made with the Goheung Citron, and the other is Honey-Ginger Moju, which is made with honey and ginger. Yedam is heated traditional sake. Unlike ordinary sake, Yedam has subtlety to its taste. Heated Baekseju has a deep flavor provided by 12 medicinal herbs and gives the impression of drinking hot herbal tea.

Hong Suk-woo, head of the food service division, said, "As winter delicacies, heated moju, yedam, and baekseju should accommodate the taste of contemporary people.”