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Samsung BioLogics Invests 850 Billion Won to Build 3rd Largest Plant in World
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Samsung BioLogics Invests 850 Billion Won to Build 3rd Largest Plant in World
  • By Cho Jin-young
  • December 3, 2015, 06:15
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Samsung BioLogics, a biopharmaceutical affiliate of Samsung Group, is building its third biologics manufacturing plant with a capacity of 180,000 liters in Songdo.

The company announced on Dec. 2 that it has decided to invest 850 billion won (US$730.55 million) in the 180,000-liter-capacity biopharmaceutical plant and signed the related contract.

Earlier, Samsung BioLogics planned to hold a groundbreaking ceremony for the third manufacturing plant in Songdo on Nov. 24 but it has been placed on the backburner due to schedule rearrangements by partner companies.

With Samsung BioLogics seeking to make a massive investment once again, it is expected to raise its status in the global biotechnology industry. Currently, the company owns the first plant with an annual production capacity of 30,000 liters and the second plant with 150,000 liters capacity. The second plant, which was completed in February with an investment of 800 billion won (US$687.58 million), is the world’s largest for a single biologics production facility. Once the third plant is finished in 2018, Samsung BioLogics will make a new record again.

Samsung Bioepis, a subsidiary of Samsung BioLogics, is also recently putting up a good show. Its first biosimilar drug "SB4", which is traded as "Benepali" in Europe, is about to win an approval from the European Medicines Agency. The Benepali is a biosimilar of blockbuster Enbrel, the rheumatoid arthritis treatment.