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Hyundai Mobis Develops World’s Second Eco-friendly Integrated Electronic Brake
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Hyundai Mobis Develops World’s Second Eco-friendly Integrated Electronic Brake
  • By sara
  • November 23, 2015, 01:00
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Hyundai Mobis’ booth.
Hyundai Mobis’ booth.


Hyundai Mobis developed an Integrated Mobis Electronic Brake (iMEB) for eco-friendly vehicles, the second time in the world and first time in Korea. With the latest development, Hyundai Mobis, a late starter in the brake sector, has gained a foothold to jump up to be the leading auto part producer in the world.

The company announced on Nov. 22 that it succeeded in developing the advanced braking system called iMEB, which has reduced its production cost and weight by more than 30 percent by integrating the pressure supplier and controller in the regenerative braking system into one electronic system. Through the system, advanced braking functions, such as electronic stability control (ESC), anti-lock brake system (ABS), smart cruise control (SCC) and autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system can be implemented at the same time.

As a key component in green cars, the regenerative braking system converts excess kinetic energy to generate motor that automatically starts charging the battery when the brake pedal is applied.

In particular, Hyundai Mobis has improved its performance by electrifying the related system. When a driver steps on the brake, its pressure directly goes to the electric motor, which betters braking control performance.

During the iMEB development process, the company applied for a total of 109 patents at home and abroad, including 20 patents overseas, securing its advanced technology.

Accordingly, Hyundai Mobis is expected to be in an advantageous position in the competition for an environmentally-friendly braking system in the future with its iMEB. The integrated regenerative braking system is a blue ocean market, since it has not been applied to mass-produced cars yet.