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Samsung Ranks First in Smartphone Sales in 5 World Regions
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Samsung Ranks First in Smartphone Sales in 5 World Regions
  • By sara
  • November 9, 2015, 02:15
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Samsung Electronics ranked first in terms of smartphone sales in the third quarter in five regions in the world, except for North America.

According to market research firm Strategy Analytics (SA) on Nov. 8, Samsung Electronics showed the highest smartphone sales in five regions – Western Europe, the Asia Pacific, Central and South America, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa – in the third quarter.

By region, Samsung sold 15.3 million smartphones in Western Europe, 23.2 million in the Asia Pacific, 11.8 million in Central and South America, 6.9 million in Eastern Europe and 16.1 million in Middle East and Africa. In particular, the company saw a sales increase of 3 million units from the previous quarter in the Middle East and Africa, accounting for a 52.1 percent market share.

In contrast, Samsung failed to dominate the North American market this year again. In the third quarter, the company had a 26 percent share in the North American market, falling short of Apple with 33 percent by 7 percentage points. The company sold 10.5 million units in the market.