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CJ 4DX to Break 10 Million Annual Record
CJ 4DX to Break 10 Million Annual Record
  • By matthew
  • November 6, 2015, 08:15
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CJ 4DPLEX opens a second 4DX theater at the Regal E-Walk 13 in Manhattan, New York, on May 5.
CJ 4DPLEX opens a second 4DX theater at the Regal E-Walk 13 in Manhattan, New York, on May 5.


CJ 4DPLEX (4DX), a five-sense immersive cinematic theater, has set a record of 10 million customers in one year. CJ 4DPLEX, the CGV subsidiary, said on Nov. 5 that for the last 10 months (from January to Oct. 29), the theater brought audiences that surpassed the 10 million annual mark worldwide. Considering the there are 187 CJ 4DX theaters in 32 countries, the figure indicates that each 4DX theater brought in more than one million people monthly for an average of 6 movies that are screened each month.

For reasons behind the rapid growth of the 4DX enterprise, industry insiders cite blockbuster movies, high occupancy rates, and the worldwide popularity of a 4DX theater.

One of the highest grossing movies screened at 4DX theater was “Jurassic World.” When the movie was screened, the theater generated a 55 percent occupancy rate. Other blockbuster movies were “Avengers 2” and “the Fast and the Furious 7” that generated 1 million viewers, testifying to the worldwide popularity of 4DX.

Achieving significant successes at the box office, the 4DX theater also draws the interest of theater operators worldwide. Drawing 10 million viewers and grossing 150 million won (US$131,430), 4DX has recently emerged as a new growth engine in the slumping movie industry. On average, three 4DX theaters are opened monthly worldwide.

China is the country with the largest number of 4DX theaters. With the first theater opened in 2010, there are currently 41 4DX theaters in operation in that country. Forming a partnership with Wanda Cinema, the largest theater company in China in February, CJ expects the further expansion of the 4DX business in China.

Among 32 countries, Japan saw the most rapid growth of 4DX. This year alone saw the addition of 11 additional 4DX theaters. The year 2014 witnessed 10 times more viewers than the previous year. In fact, 4DX has a passionate following in Japan, which can be seen by recent strong showings. For example, “Avengers: Age of Ultron” generated an occupancy rate in 4DX that was five times higher than non-4DX, and “The Fast and the Furious 7” recorded more than 91 percent average occupancy rate as part of the film’s fantastic international opening weekend. “Not only are audiences filling theaters at record rates to see the latest blockbuster films in 4DX, their positive reactions range from standing ovations in the auditorium to thrilling reactions on social media,” said Choi Byung-hwan, CEO of CJ 4DPlex.

4DX has also witnessed positive market responses in Western Europe. In fact, this month, the British and Swiss theater markets saw an additional 4DX theater. For the British this is the third 4DX theater, following the second one opened in October. Industry insiders expect these recent additions to spur further expansion in the markets in West Europe.