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Nolboo Opens 14th Budaejjigae Restaurant in China
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Nolboo Opens 14th Budaejjigae Restaurant in China
  • By sara
  • October 28, 2015, 00:30
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The 14th “Nolboo Budaejjigae & Cheolpangui” store in Shanghai, China.
The 14th “Nolboo Budaejjigae & Cheolpangui” store in Shanghai, China.


Nolboo Co. Ltd., the Korean food services company, has opened its 14th “Nolboo Budaejjigae & Cheolpangui” restaurant in Shanghai a year and a half after it entered the Chinese market.

Nolboo first tapped into the Chinese market in May 2014. From Jan. to Sept. this year, Nolboo posted 4.2 billion won (US$3.71 million) in sales.

The company has steadily opened new Nolboo Budaejjigae & Cheolpangui restaurants in diverse commercial regions in Shanghai from residential areas, main streets, and department stores to Korea Town, proving its popularity in China. Notably, the 13th restaurant in Hongquan Lu has a wood-fired oven and a menu of hwaduk jokbal, or roasted pig’s feet, receiving a positive response from Chinese consumers. The restaurant records sales of 3 million won (US$2,647) on an average a day.

With the reputation of “selling one budaejjigae per second,” Nolboo Budaejjigae & Cheolpangui has been established as one of the leading budaejjigae brands in Korea. When expanding into China, the brand tried to stick to the atmosphere of a traditional Korean restaurant as much as possible. The restaurant has a signboard written in Korean. The exterior and interior design and menu were decorated in such a way as to give the impression of being Korean, winning the hearts of Chinese consumers who are interested in Korean pop culture and Korean cuisine.

Kang Hyun-bin, head of the overseas business division at Nolboo Co. Ltd., said, “We are making every effort to introduce the taste of Nolboo in Shanghai, which is one of the four most prosperous cities in China, and where many of the world’s cultures meet. With Shanghai as the starting point, we will expand the market to all over China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the Americas, jumping up to be a leading food service brand in the world.”