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‘Cathy Cat Code X Moomin Edition’ Cosmetics Unleashed
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‘Cathy Cat Code X Moomin Edition’ Cosmetics Unleashed
  • By Jung Min-hee
  • October 8, 2015, 00:45
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Cathy Cat, a Korean cosmetics brand owned by LG Household & Healthcare (CEO Cha Suk-yong) has released “Cathy Cat Code X Moomin Edition,” collaborating with North European popular character “Moomin.”

The Cathy Cat Code X Moomin Edition is celebrating the 70th anniversary of Moomin publishing brand, which is a popular character around the world. With the characters of Moomin, Snoke Maiden, and Little My on cases, the edition contains rich and classy colors.

This make-up collection features a base foundation, a lipquid for the lips, a tint lip balm, a mascara, and a mono eye chip, all in vivid colors.

The C. Aluid Foundation EX, the major product of the brand, markets itself as having micro particles that stick to the skin and moisturize it. It has two shades – medium 20.5 and yellow 22.5.

LG Household & Healthcare will hold various events until Nov. to mark the release of the Cathy Cat Code X Moomin Edition. It will offer a “Moomin blanket” to customers who purchase foundation and cushion products as a gift, while offering a Moomin pen when consumers buy point make-up products.