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Hyundai E&C Named Industry Leader in DJSI World
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Hyundai E&C Named Industry Leader in DJSI World
  • By matthew
  • September 25, 2015, 02:45
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Hyundai E&C was rated number one in the construction and engineering field of the 2015 Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World.

The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) are a set of indices to measure the financial performance of companies that are considered sustainability leaders. DJSI’s comprehensive questionnaire integrates economic, governance, social, and environmental issues with economic and financial ones. As such, the DJSI is a tool to promote the long-lasting sustainable performance of companies around the world.

Assessing companies sector by sector, the DJSI gives each industry a sector-specific questionnaire focused on the sustainability topics most relevant to the success of companies within that industry. DJSI world then selects the top ten percent of the world’s largest 2,500 companies in the Dow Jones Global Total Stock Market Index (DJGTSMI).

Hyundai E&C has not merely been listed for the sixth year in a row since 2010 in the coveted “DJSI World” rating, but it has also been ranked the number one company, or “industry leader,” for three consecutive years. A company spokesperson said, “Such a phenomenon is a rarity among construction companies worldwide,” adding, “The DJSI names the top performing company from each of 25 industries 'Industry Leader,' and Hyundai E&C has been selected over 100-year-old German Hochitief or American Bechtel.”

Hyundai E&C has received worldwide recognition for its excellent performance not merely in economic and financial sectors, but also social and environmental aspects, and now can stand shoulder to shoulder with global companies for its entitlement for long-term investment.

In fact, in 2010, Hyundai E&C was the only local construction company that succeeded in securing overseas orders worth US$10 billion. For three consecutive years from 2012 through 2014, Hyundai E&C received overseas contracts  worth over US$10 billion.

Hyundai E&C has been striving to meet the expectations of the DJSI’s sustainability criteria and incorporate them into its practices. In 2014, Hyundai E&C reduced waste emissions by 26.3 percent, posting 452,021 tons, down from 613,302. In the case of sewage emissions for wastewater, the company reduced the amount by 2.1 percent, recording 1,093,787 tons, down from 1,117,667 tons the previous year.

Hyundai E&C is also actively engaging in outreach programs. Since 2009, Hyundai E&C has been locally involved in six outreach programs, including one that supplies free lunches to undernourished children. The company is also extending the same kind of activities abroad by engaging in 18 outreach programs in 13 countries including the Philippines, Columbia, and Kenya.