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Online Pre-orders for 1,000 Gear S2s Snapped Up in 2 Hours
High Demand
Online Pre-orders for 1,000 Gear S2s Snapped Up in 2 Hours
  • By Cho Jin-young
  • September 24, 2015, 01:45
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Samsung's smart watch Gear S2
Samsung's smart watch Gear S2


The default apps of Samsung’s Gear S2, which is showing signs of popularity, have started to be revealed.

According to industry sources on Sept. 23, 16 to 18 default apps are going to be installed on the Gear S2. Some apps cannot be deleted, including Messages, Calls, S-Health, Set-up, Schedule, S-voice, Weather, Music, Gallery, Buddy, E-mail, and Looking for My Device. Apps for alarms, timer, stop watches, and voice memo can be deleted. The Syrup Wallet and Nike apps are also included.

S-Health is a fitness tracking app that measures the amount of physical activity per day and records related data. Buddy seems to be the "Favorite" function that gathers frequent contacts. Syrup Wallet is an app that manages membership cards and enables simple payment services. The Looking for My Device app is useful because it can locate smartphones connected to the Gear S2, for instance if a customer has misplaced their phone.

The Gear S2 is scheduled to be introduced to the country on Oct. 2, and there is growing anticipation of its popularity. On Oct. 18, online pre-orders for the Gear S2 ended two hours after it started, with 1,000 customers having applied. The smart watch is widely acknowledged to have received a similar response from the market as the Gear S and Apple Watch.

The fact that the Gear S2 is expected to be compatible with not only Samsung devices, but also those made by other companies, is fueling anticipation. Currently, the wearable device can communicate with 27 kinds of Samsung phones, including the Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series. The smart watch can also sync with LG's Optimus G, Optimus G3, and Optimus G4. Samsung is considering whether or not to provide support for Apple's iOS devices.

Competition between the Gear S2 and the Apple Watch is expected to be intense as well. The number of distributors of the Apple Watch has been increased to three local mobile carriers, ahead of the launch of the Gear S2.