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Escape into Summer Haven at Sokcho
Visit the city by the sea and the lake with its pituresque scenery while having fun catching squids with your hand
Escape into Summer Haven at Sokcho
  • By matthew
  • August 22, 2011, 15:00
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Sokcho City in Gangwon Province is one of the few areas in Korea where mountains, lakes, rivers and the sea can be seen at the same time. Home to beautiful lakes like Yeongnakho and Cheongchoho (ho at the end meaning lake), the city is currently transforming itself into a hub of the leisure industry. Now, let’s have a taste of summer in Sokcho City.

Korea Music Festival 2011

The Korea Music Festival 2011 is scheduled for August 11 to 14 on and around a special stage in the Cheongchoho area. There, corporate workers formed bands will compete against each other, while pop singers and other famous musicians give a celebration concert. If you long for some entertaining summer night out, the music fiesta around the lake of Cheongchoho is the answer.

Yeongjeonggeum and

Dongmyeong Port

One of many most must-see attractions in Sokcho city is the ocean. Here, you can relish the exquisite beauty of the crystal-blue waves and the far-off horizon.

If you want to see a vigorous and vibrant slice of life, you are recommended to head towards Dongmyeong Port, where fishermen leave on their boats every dawn against the backdrop of a dazzling sunrise. However, don't forget to wear long sleeves as it can get quite chilly at dawn, even during the summer.

Yeongjeonggeum is the name of a gazebo situated at the entrance of the port. Leaning on its railings, you can savor the lovely and picturesque sunrise and sunset.

Sokcho Beach

This year, the Sokcho Beach will be opened from early July to mid-August. The total length of the beach is 1.2km, covering Cheongho-dong, Joyang-dong and Daepo-dong, with an area measuring 700m in length and 50m in width available to the public.

The beach is characterized by its fine, soft sand and crystal-clear water. It is equipped with a wide campground, more than sufficient parking, shower booths and restrooms.

A variety of events are awaiting visitors, the most interesting of which is a squid catching event taking place in the Jangsa Port area. There, participants can have fun catching squids, either bare handed or in cotton gloves, in waters up to a meter deep. However, be warned, it is no cakewalk. The squids will keep slipping through and wiggling out of your hands.