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Inside Bitcoins to be Inside Kintex
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Inside Bitcoins to be Inside Kintex
  • By matthew
  • September 1, 2015, 08:00
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In April, Inside Bitcoins was held in New York City.
In April, Inside Bitcoins was held in New York City.


In Jan., famous venture capital firm DFJ made a US$75 million (82.5 billion won) investment in U.S.-based bitcoin company Coinbase. The amount marked by far the largest investment made in Bitcoin. Goldman Sachs, a major U.S. investment bank, also made a US$50 million investment in Circle, a start-up specializing in bitcoin authorizations and payments. The Singaporean Central Bank is currently known to be involved in a monumental project to build a smart financial center worth US$225 million. What brings these investors to invest in bitcoin despite the uncertainty about the future of bitcoins? 

One may find the answer to the question at the largest Asia-wide conference on Bitcoin, or virtual currency, called Inside Bitcoins Conference & Expo 2015. Scheduled to be held in Dec. this year, the conference is co-organized by KINTEX and MecklerMedia. Twelve countries including the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Hong Kong, and Israel take turns in hosting the conference every year. The conference also has an international reputation as the best conference in the field. 

The event will also be an educational venue where ordinary people unfamiliar with Bitcoin can have a first-hand experience of what Bitcoin is like and learn about its basic concepts and principles. On the first day of the conference, through practical training, participants will learn about the blockchain, the operational principle of bitcoin from virtual currency specialists. The concurrent events include special sessions and exhibitions on fintech, sponsored by the Global Fintech Research Institute.

At special sessions on fintech, participants will have a chance to learn about transferring money, payments, security, crowdfunding, virtual currency, and government policies from leading lights in each of these areas. The session will take either in the form of solo sessions or panel debates. As various global and local institutions in fintech such as the Global Fintech Research Institute and the Korean fintech forum sponsor the event, relevant local institutions and start-ups are expected to benefit by attracting foreign and domestic investments and international marketing.

Currently, 20 international speakers are confirmed including Roger Ver, a billionaire in the bitcoin business; Simon Dixon, a financial innovation investor from the U.K.; and Justin Newton, an early Internet pioneer and start-up expert. As for the Korean experts, Park Soo-yong, the director of the Global Fintech Research Institute; Professor In Ho, an authority in virtual currency; and Hong Ki-hoon, a PhD from Cambridge University and Professor at Hongik University are confirmed for participation. A spokesperson for the conference said, “As much as we made considerable efforts in bringing the renowned speakers, sponsors, and investors, we hope that this event will making meaningful contributions to industries relevant to fintech and virtual currency.”

Media interest in bitcoin has more to do with the implications of its operational system, the blockchain, rather than bitcoin itself as a currency. Despite the diverse views surrounding Bitcoin, most people agree about the endless possibilities deriving from blockchain technology and its applications in the financial sector. According to the organizers, it may not take any longer than 5 years until the blockchain technology will bring about sweeping changes to the current financial system.

Early registration is possible via the official website. Those who apply before Oct. 14 can get discounts of up to 40 percent. For more relevant information, contact the International Exhibition Conference Secretariat at +82-31-995-8074 (ext. 8076) or insidebitcoins@kintex.com.

Event Overview
Title: Inside Bitcoins Conference & Expo 2015
Venue: Kintex 2nd Exhibition Room, Hall 6
Dates: Dec. 9 (Wed) 2015 – 11 (Fri)
Sponsors: Kintex, MecklerMedia
Content: International conference (total 20 sessions), professional trade show, startup competition, fintech special session etc.
Subjects: exchange, security, billing, and platform solutions, fintech
Host Cities: New York, Chicago, Berlin, London, Seoul