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Smart Shopping with Transparent OLEDs
Shopping of the Future
Smart Shopping with Transparent OLEDs
  • By Cho Jin-young
  • August 28, 2015, 01:00
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A model showcases Samsung Electronics' 65
A model showcases Samsung Electronics' 65" signage virtual fitting solution to be unveiled at IFA 2015.


Samsung Electronics will unveil a digital signage lineup that presents futuristic smart shopping styles during IFA 2015, which is scheduled to be held in Berlin, Germany from Sept. 4 to 9.

On Aug. 27, Samsung announced that it will showcase a shopping space for the future to give an opportunity to experience smart shopping during this year's IFA, using futuristic signage solutions, including transparent OLEDs, LED digital signage, smart signage TVs, and outdoor signage.

The transparent OLEDs, which will be debuted at the trade show, can be widely used to decorate the interior of a store, since it has a 45 percent of penetration ratio and offers a resolution of 1920x1080.

The Korean tech giant will also reveal a virtual fitting solution that can be utilized in clothing stores, using digital signage with a touch screen. It is possible to dress a life-like avatar of oneself to virtually try on clothes.

In addition, the company will showcase a mirror display that shows skincare tips and recommended information about makeup according to a personal profile, skin type, the current weather, and schedule, which were previously entered on the mirror-like screen.

On top of that, Samsung will debut outdoor signage products like LED signage, which can display a higher level of image quality than existing LCD signage, waterproof and dustproof 24" outdoor signage, and all-in-one type 75" outdoor signage.