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KMAC Selected ‘Best Company To Work At’
KMAC Selected ‘Best Company To Work At’
  • By Jung Min-hee
  • August 27, 2015, 01:15
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After surveying over 6,600 industry workers and 300 Human Resource specialists, Korean Management Association Consulting (KMAC) released an annual report called “2015 Korea Great Work Place Index (K-GWPI)” on Aug. 26. In the “Best 30 Corporations” list across the industry, Samsung Electronics ranked first in the manufacturing sector, while SK Telecom ranked first in the service sector. These companies have maintained the number one spot in the sectors for seven and eight consecutive years, respectively.

In the manufacturing sector, Samsung Electronics was followed by Yuhan-Kimberly, SK Innovation, Hyundai Motor, SK Hynix, POSCO, LG Chem, Yuhan Co., AmorePacific, and 3M Korea, making the top 10.

SK Hynix has defined its workplace as a “Happy Campus” from 2013, constantly communicated with its employees, and pursued a happy company in which work and personal life balance out. Accordingly, the company has rapidly moved up from 14th place to the number five spot in the last three years.

AmorePacific has considered talent as its growth engine and tried to provide a working environment in which its employees can be immersed in their work to maximize their ability, ranked in the top 30 for the first time.

In the public sector, Incheon International Airport Corporation, Korea Water Resources Corporation, Korea Transportation Safety Authority, Korea South-East Power Co., Korea Electric Power Corporation, and Incheon Port Authority topped the list in their relevant industries.

The K-GWPI was developed by KMAC in 2008, and it releases annual reports to encourage corporations to promote "happy workplaces," since the KMAC’s annual reports act as an objective measurement. It also promotes corporate evaluations and a desirable recognition evaluation model.