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LG Electronics Unveils Low Vibration Front-loading Washing Machine
Centum System
LG Electronics Unveils Low Vibration Front-loading Washing Machine
  • By Cho Jin-young
  • August 26, 2015, 03:00
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LG Electronics has unveiled its newest front-loading washing machine for the European market. The premium model, called “Centum TM,” reduces vibration and noise levels while raising durability and energy efficiency.

The company has introduced a suspension system specifically designed to minimize the vibration of the tub when using the spin-dry function. By reducing vibration, a washing machine secures better durability and product competitiveness, including high efficiency and low noise levels.

The Centum washing machine’s low vibration technology means less moving parts and less friction. So, it reduces wear and tear in the Direct Drive motor, which is directly connected to the tub, lengthening the product's life cycle. LG Electronics is so confident in the technology that it is doubling the standard 10-year warranty on its Inverter Direct Drive motors to 20 years in its Centum washing machine.

It is also more energy efficient than existing washing machines. With fewer moving parts, the power of the motor directly goes to the tub without any losses. Accordingly, the Centum washing machine can save nearly 60 percent of its energy compared to Europe’s highest energy efficiency grade of A+++.

It also greatly reduces vibration and noise levels, emitting only 67dB during the spin cycle. It is the lowest level among 12kg drum washing machines in Europe.

LG’s advanced washing machines also come equipped with TurboWash, which means a high-pressure nozzle sprays water particles directly onto clothes. As a result, the Centum washing machine can complete a wash cycle in only 49 minutes using half the water of washing machines without TurboWash.

LG Electronics is planning to release the Centum washing machine in consecutive order in major countries in Europe, such as Germany, France, the U.K., Italy, and Spain, from the end of this year.