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Marketplace of Korean Cuisine
World Tourism & Food Expo 2010 is to be held from April 14 to 18
Marketplace of Korean Cuisine
  • By matthew
  • April 15, 2010, 18:00
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The Korea Food Tourism Association has been hosting the World Tourism & Food Expo (WTFE) for the past ten years in an effort to promote Korean Food and Korean food culture to the world. This year’s expo will be held for five days from April 14 to 18 at the aT center in Seoul. Korean food is drawing attention globally among health-conscious people, and therefore the expo aims to brand its history and value by promoting Korean cuisine as a healthy, slow food that’s perfect for wellness. Hansik (Korean cuisine) also has the potential to become a globally popular food thanks to its unique features, such as the use of fermented and seasonal foods that can be easily varied through the use of ingredients or method of cooking.

WTFE2010 will be the perfect place to view information and technology on cooking-related issues and new trends in food culture, as well as gain an overview of the industry with domestic and foreign food and dining companies. This year’s expo will be accompanied by the International Korean Food Cooking Contest which is divided into team competitions, individual competitions, table setting competitions and bartending competitions. An international symposium and various programs on Hansik will take up a big part of the expo this year, making it the perfect opportunity not only to introduce Hansik but also connect its excellent and unique features with Korea’s tourism in order to attract more tourists to Korea. The expo will help measure just how far Hansik has come on its journey to becoming a global food industry.