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Nation’s Largest 3D Printing Industrial Fair to be Held in Nov.
3D Printing Korea 2015
Nation’s Largest 3D Printing Industrial Fair to be Held in Nov.
  • By Lee Song-hoon
  • August 19, 2015, 02:30
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3D Printing Korea 2015 will be held from Nov. 4 to 7 at COEX in Seoul. In the fair, visitors can view the trends in the 3D printing industry, which is considered to be a next-generation technology leading the manufacturing revolution, and technology use cases.

Hosted by the 3D Printing Industrial Association (Chairman Kuk Yeon-ho), also known as 3DPA, and the COEX Convention and Exhibition Center (CEO Byun Bo-kyung), the second 3D Printing Korea this year is a specialized exhibition that builds on the foundation of the domestic 3D printing industry in order to compete with global leaders with core source technology in the market, converge technology across industries, and activate the appliances and materials industries.

In particular, around 150 member companies of the 3DPA, which has rapidly grown by establishing its branches across the nation, will take part this year, strengthening the substantiality of the exhibition.

In addition to the association’s member companies, more than 100 3D printing firms and university research laboratories at home and abroad will participate in 3D Printing Korea 2015. Through various display items, such as 3D printers, 3D printing materials and parts, 3D scanners, software, experimental and educational prototypes, and other applied products, it will be a good opportunity to look at 3D printing technology convergence, its applied cases and growth potential, and to prepare for the maturity of the domestic 3D printing market.

The 3D Printing Industrial Association Chairman Kuk Yeon-ho said, “The 3D printing industry, which changes the paradigm of the manufacturing industry, is gradually expanding to the bio, construction, and root industries. Also, its market is rapidly growing by converging with other industries, such as the Internet of Things, materials, and software. We will make every effort to help domestic small and mid-size companies strengthen their abilities and tap into the global market through 3D Printing Korea 2015.”