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Flying High and Smart
Asiana Airlines takes the lead in the airline industry through better services and programs
Flying High and Smart
  • By matthew
  • March 15, 2010, 17:10
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Do you have an i-Phone and need to fly? Then check this out.

In February, Asiana Airlines announced that the airliner will accept reservations and offer flight information through an iPhone application beginning June. The information will include flight schedules, seat arrangements, departures, arrivals and mileage. i-Phone users can also check flight destinations as well. This free application offers services in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese. Asiana is also planning to develop applications for other mobile phone operation systems. The airliner aims to create a positive image as an airliner that takes the lead in the latest trends by developing such mobile applications, not to mention offering easier and various information services.

Furthermore, with Asiana Airlines' cabin upgrades of its mid-long ranged aircraft (B747, B777, A330) finalized, its short-mid ranged aircrafts (A321, B737) are now gradually being upgraded. In addition, Asiana will be upgrading the cabins of its two new A321 aircraft. All seats will be equipped with an audio video on demand (AVOD) system, allowing passengers to be able to enjoy a variety of in-flight entertainment. Electrical terminals and USB ports will also be installed in all seats, giving passengers the ability to charge their notebooks and MP3 players during the flight. The A321 average seating capacity is between 180 ~ 200 seats and is a short-mid ranged aircraft that flies to destinations of approximately four-hours distance.

Asiana's new adopted A321 will have a total of 171 seats. Following final adjustments and the competition of safety checks, Asiana will deploy the new A321 to short-mid ranged destinations, such as Manila and Saipan .

Asiana Airlines continues to prove its value, being awarded the 2009 Best Onboard Service & Flight Attendants Award by Global Traveler Magazine, an internationally renowned business travel magazine.

This was the sixth consecutive year that Asiana has won this award. In addition to this, Asiana also won the 2009 Best Trans-Pacific Airline Award. These awards, which are given to those airlines that scored the highest in a readers' survey conducted by Global Traveler Magazine clearly show that Asiana is one of the best airliners in the world. Asiana Airlines has also excelled in the category of onboard service and flight attendants for years due to its innovative and unique in-flight services, such as magic shows, make-up service, and onboard chef service along with upgraded cabin facilities and customer-oriented service.

The Global Traveler Awards Ceremony was held on January 21, 2010 at the Andaz Wall Street Hotel in New York. Asiana Airlines and other winning companies also announced their intention to sponsor the Pencil-for-Kids Charity Event which provides education to children from third-world nations.