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BBB Korea Promotes Campaign 'Creating Incheon Airport Without Language Barriers'
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BBB Korea Promotes Campaign 'Creating Incheon Airport Without Language Barriers'
  • By Jung Suk-yee
  • August 7, 2015, 05:30
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A team of BBB volunteers poses for a group photo at Incheon Airport.
A team of BBB volunteers poses for a group photo at Incheon Airport.


The Korean non-governmental organization (NGO) BBB Korea (Chairman Yoo Jang-hee,, the world’s first NGO that provides actual services and programs about language and culture, announced on Aug. 6 that it will promote the sixth BBB-day campaign called “Creating Incheon Airport Without Language Barriers” in cooperation with Incheon International Airport.

Jointly providing free interpretation services to foreign visitors with Incheon International Airport from 2009, BBB Korea, which stands for Before Babel Brigade Korea, has been has been actively involved in promoting a positive image of the airport, where foreigners take their first steps into Korea. In doing so, it can attract more foreign travelers and make them want to revisit the country. Furthermore, the Korean NGO is contributing to the development of the tourism industry and the improvement of its national image.

Seeing the summer vacation season when many foreign tourists visit the country through the airport, this campaign consists of a program that allows visitors to experience the BBB interpretation application at the airport's Millennium Hall and passenger terminal on the first floor, and an event in which they search for BBB-related items that are hidden all over the airport, just like a treasure hunt.

In this campaign, BBB volunteer interpreters, airport staff, airport police officers and security guards who are in charge of communicating with foreigners will participate in a “paper airplane event,” in which they will fly paper airplanes symbolizing an “absence of communication,” in a bid to catch the eyes of foreign tourists.

In particular, BBB Korea provides an “Incheon Airport Hotline Service” in partnership with Incheon International Airport. It will instantly connect those who need interpreting services to “BBB Incheon Airport Special Appointment Service Group” in order to resolve the difficulties in communication in real time.

If you need to communicate with foreigners, you can download the “BBB Interpretation” app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and tap “Incheon Airport Hotline Service” to use the service. Also, you can call 1588-5644 any time.

With 4,900 foreign language volunteers, BBB Korea offers 24-hour free interpretation services in 19 languages through ARS services. From 2002, the NGO has solved more than 500,000 communication difficulties for its foreign residents and tourists, serving as “Korea’s communication troubleshooter.”

Meanwhile, an online event called “Proof Shot” will run through Aug. 10 that searches for links between BBB Korea and Incheon International Airport. To participate in the event, one should take photos of BBB interpretation leaflets, cards, and hotline screens at Incheon Airport and upload them to the official BBB Korea website.

An official from BBB Korea said, “Incheon Airport, which serves more than 45 million passengers a year, is a crucial contact point of communication. Through the sixth joint campaign with Incheon International Airport Corporation this year, we hope that communication between natives and foreigners becomes easier.”