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Ssangyong E&C Wins Singapore’s BCA BIM Award
Building Information Modeling
Ssangyong E&C Wins Singapore’s BCA BIM Award
  • By Jung Suk-yee
  • August 6, 2015, 04:15
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Ssangyong officials pose with their latest award at the 2015 BCA Awards ceremony in Singapore.
Ssangyong officials pose with their latest award at the 2015 BCA Awards ceremony in Singapore.


Ssangyong Engineering & Construction (Chairman & CEO Kim Suk-joon), South Korea's leading builder of overseas advanced building construction, has also proved the world’s best competitiveness in the high-tech Building Information Modeling (BIM) method of the building design sector.

The company announced that it has received the Gold Award in the Organization category at the 2015 BCA BIM Awards ceremony, which was recently held in Singapore.

Ssangyong E&C has become the only domestic construction company to win awards for the second consecutive year. It has received the Gold Plus Award, the first prize in the private project category, through the Bedok Mixed Development project last year, and the Gold Award in the organization category this year.

The Singaporean government established the BCA BIM Awards last year in a bid to become a global leader in the BIM field and improve productivity at construction sites. Dividing into two categories, the private project and the organization, the government selects winners based on comprehensive evaluations on BIM operational conditions, level, and productivity.

Currently, Singapore has mandated that all public building projects use the BIM method, and that private projects exceeding more than 5,000 square meters use the BIM method as well starting from this year.

Ssangyong E&C, which has adopted the BIM system in 2008 for the first time, was awarded the grand prize at the BIM Awards ceremony sponsored by BuildingSMART association in 2010. Also, it became the nation’s first builder to introduce not only the three-dimensional design scheme but also five-dimensional elements, which calculate process, materials input, and construction costs according to time, when constructing the Honam High Speed Railway.

Also, the company has adopted a BIM system in the planning and construction process for 40 projects at home and abroad to date.

An official from Ssangyong E&C said, “With the award this year, we have proved our construction ability in Singapore, the main market, and unrivaled competitiveness in the cutting-edge BIM building design sector. We expect to receive recognition for our technological superiority when bidding for projects commissioned in Singapore in the future.”

Meanwhile, Ssangyong E&C has won the BCA Awards from the Singaporean government seven times in a row from 2009. The latest award marks the 27th time that Ssangyong has received recognition from the city state's Building and Construction Authority (BCA), the most among South Korean construction firms.