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Local Pheasant Meat Specialties
Kkwong-toryeom and Kkwong-memil guksu
Local Pheasant Meat Specialties
  • By matthew
  • December 15, 2009, 00:00
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TWO unique local foods in Seoguipo are Kkwong-toryeom (Sliced pheasant meat boiled lightly with vegetables) and Kkwong-memil Guksu (Buckwheat noodles with pheasant meat). Since there are many pheasants on Jeju Island, there are many different foods made with pheasant meat. Pheasant in autumn is regarded as a real treat, and can also be eaten raw or as a jerky. ‘Kkwong-toryeom’ is eaten in a hotpot style with thin slices of pheasant heart. ‘Kkwong-memil guksu’ mixes Jeju buckwheat noodles and pheasant stock to create a special flavor. ‘Kkwong-memil guksu’ is seasoned with a variety of sauces after Jeju buckwheat noodles are boiled in pheasant stock. The buckwheat creates a light and easily digested meal. Pheasant dumpling soup is not greasy and tastes delicious.