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Discovering Attraction of Paradise Island
Tourists will love unique tourist attractions of Seoguipo and Mara Island
Discovering Attraction of Paradise Island
  • By matthew
  • December 15, 2009, 00:00
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JEJU Island offers tourists a lot of attractive things to see, eat and do as one of the most popular tourist sites in Korea. Jeju’s natural environment has been preserved as best as possible. Seoguipo is a southern region of Jeju Island with a big crater and rare and unique rocks, beautiful waterfalls, a theme park and etc. Mara Island, the southernmost point of the Korean Peninsula belongs to Seoguipo as well.

First, visitors need to check the crater of Sunrise Peak in Seoguipo. The crater consists of 99 rock peaks along its rim that look as if they are escorting the crater and forming a castle. For that reason, the basin was considered to be holy, and itwas named “Seongsan” which literally means a holy mountain. The view of the sunrise here is truly remarkable.

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall falls from a precipice with thundering sounds, creating white water pillars. It has the name Cheonjiyon, meaning “the heaven and the earth meet and create a pond.” At 22 meters in height, the waterfall tumbles down to the pond to produce awe-inspiring scenery. The valley near the waterfall is home to unique subtropical trees. This place is also famous as home to local eels.

Unique Natural Treasure Created by Volcanic Activity

With the unusual rocks surrounding the Haekum River at Namju and the Chilsipri coast of Seoguipo, the 20-meter stone pillar “Oedolgae” stands out. Standing at the beautiful beach of Samebong Peak, it was formed by volcanic activity about 1.5 million years ago. A group of pine trees inhabit the top of the pillar. Oedolgae was named for its isolated location on the sea. It is also called Grandmother Rock (Halmang Bawi) as a legend has it that an old woman waited for her husband to return from a fishing trip.

When he did not come back, she became a rock. On the tip of the rock, some trees and grasses grow, resembling human hair. It will give tourists the impression that the old woman forehead, sorrowful eyes and nose can be faintly seen on the left side of the rock.

On the way to Oedolgae, there is Cow Rock (Someribawi) on the left with a grassy area. The surrounding area is famous for its pleasant natural fishing spot, acting as a resort area where visitors can relax. The sunset on Beomseom Island viewed from

Oedolgae is truly a majestic scene. Morning and evening are good time for walking along Samebong Peak course while visitors are staying in Seoguipo.

Moreover, Seoguipo has Miniature Theme Park, the largest of its kind in Korea. Visitors can see some of the famous architecture of Korea and the world, all in one trip. This park is situated in scenic valley where visitors can see Mt. Halla, the symbol of motherly warmth to the Jeju people, and mystical secondary volcanic cones. Over 100 worldfamous architectural marvels from 30 countries recreated in miniatures on the 66,000 square meters including the Bulguksa Temple, Jageumseong (Forbidden City of China), Sacre-Coeur, Leaning Tower of Pisa and Tower Bridge. It serves as a multi-purpose complex with dinosaur fossils, Jeju stone culture displays, and likenesses of famous characters throughout the park.

The Southern End of Korea

Mara Island near Seoguipo is the starting point and the ending point of Korea. On the island stands a monument that notifies that it is the southern tip of Korea. It takes one and a half hours to walk around the coastline. At the edge of the island, there are precipices, rock formations, a tunnel named “Namdaemun”, and caves formed by the erosion of the sea. There are many other places to visit including Cheonyeo Dang (or Halmang Dang) where women divers make a wish for their safety and prosperity, Marado Lighthouse and the Mara branch elementary school. Visitors and anglers can stay in any of the 16 lodging houses on the island. One hour is sufficient to walk around Mara Island. A monument marking the southern tip of Korea stands at General Rock southeast of Mara Island Lighthouse.