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Hometown of Natural Beauty
Cheongsong offers visitors natural beauty of a mountain and a forest.
Hometown of Natural Beauty
  • By matthew
  • November 15, 2009, 00:00
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CHEONGSONG is located on the highland at the center of Nakdonggang River in North Gyeongsang Province. Cheong-song boasts beautiful nature including Juwangsan Mountain National Park, which is one of the three major rocky mountains in Korea and one of the eight most beautiful areas in Gyeongbuk Province.

The sight of a flag-like rock, Giam (unique rock) in Juwang Mountain stuns tourists when they look at the mountain. Green trees and magnificent rocks in Mt. Juwang daze visitors’ eyes. Of these rocks, Giam is the most remarkable one. As you climb up or down the mountain, you can feel the magnificence and splendor radiating from this rock. And the calm and composed beauty carved by wind over time comforts the mountaineers’ minds.

Giam shows the changes of season and weather occurring in Mt. Juwangsan. The scene of Giam surrounded by white fog in the early morning or right after rain makes you feel like you are looking at the heaven on this earth. Many people consider it the most mysterious scenery of Mt. Juwangsan.

Sunrise Seen from Wanggeoam Rock Even though Mt. Taehaengsan(933.1m) on the northern border of Mt. Juwangsan National Park is the highest in the national park, the peak at 720.6m above sea level behind the Daejeonsa Temple is the main peak. And Gamebong Peak(882.7m, also known as Seongneumbong Peak) is considered the best scenic spot. The trail along the ridge starting from the col on the east of Gamebong to Geum-eun-gwang via Wanggeoam, and Meokgudeung is closed to the public.

The entire area around Mt. Juwangsan is visible from Gamebong Peak. The best trail starts from the right fork above the 2nd fall of Jubangcheon Valley and continues to Sachanggol, When you reach Hurimegi, take the left road along the valley to the mountain top. When you climb down, at the first forked road on the northeast ridge, taking the left road leads you to Naewon Village and taking the right road leads you to Jeolgol.

Natural Forest and Folk Museum Cheongsong Natural Forest has all the good natural things a forest can offer, such as beautiful trees, fresh air, crystal water, and beautiful sceneries, are here. And minimum convenience facilities are provided. As National Road No. 31 connecting Cheongsong and Pohang passes through this forest, transportation is convenient. Measurement of air quality revealed that the air here is the best in the nation and thus this area is optimum for a forest scent bath. In addition, many tourist attractions such as Mt. Juwangsan National Park, Dalgi Yaksutang Mineral Spring, Jusanji Pond, and Eoremgol Valley are within 20 minutes’ reach. As the East Coast is about 1 hour from here, tourists can enjoy both forest scent bath and swimming in the sea.

In addition, the Cheongsong Folk Museum is located at 784-107 Songsaeng-ri, Cheongsong- eup, Cheongsong-gun, Gyeongbuk, it is a first-class special museum. The museum was built in 1999 on a lot of 15,120 square meters (4,574 pyeong) with the total building space of 700.45 square meters and the exhibition space of 397 square meters. Indoor and outdoor exhibitions are provided. Folk customs of Cheongsong area are on display by season using models and other material.As folk material and models are arranged by season from January to December, visitors can see the customs of Cheongsong by season at a glance. The indoor exhibition features an outer quarter, a weaving room, utensils, and ceramics to show the way our ancestors lived.

The outdoor exhibition features a traditional inn, a water mill, an animal powered-mill, a stone mound, a menhir, a mast and a lookout shed for a melon patch. This museum performs several functions. It is used for the research, preservation, and exhibition of fork culture of Cheongsong as well as public education and enjoyment.