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Sejoong IS Provides Consumer Analysis to Canton, Ohio
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Sejoong IS Provides Consumer Analysis to Canton, Ohio
  • By Jung Min-hee
  • July 28, 2015, 01:30
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The web site of Sejoong I.S.
The web site of Sejoong I.S.


Sejoong Integrated Solutions (I.S.), a Korean information solutions services provider, announced on July 27 that it participated in the 5th International Federation of American Football (IFAF) World Championship, which was held in Canton, Ohio, from July 9 to 18, as the sponsor of the Korean national team, and signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with William J. Healy, mayor of Canton.

Under the agreement, the company tested the consumer analysis system using its image analysis technology in the City of Canton during the world championship. Also, Sejoong I.S. expects to help revitalize the retail market in Canton by accumulating and analyzing data on the market and merchants and using it as Big Data in the future.

Canton Mayor William J. Healy said, “During the period of the pilot project through the MOU, we will actively recommend Sejoong I.S.’ numerous vision recognition and analysis technologies so it can be utilized in various sectors, including safety in U.S. military facilities and public institutions.”

Sejoong I.S. CEO Seoul Jin-hyun said, “The 2015 IFAF World Championship has become an opportunity to promote the company in the U.S. market. We will aggressively tap into the U.S. security marketing solutions services market and contribute to Korea’s IT export expansion.”

Founded in 2007, Sejoong I.S. provides consulting services for company business process optimization and establishes the relevant information system through enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and business process management (BPM) services. The company is operating ERP solutions for 72 companies, including POSCO and its subcontractors, and 10 public institutions. Also, it offers integrated solutions such as supply chain management (SCM) and software application service provider (ASP) to firms so it can ultimately help its customers strategically use the information system, rather than simple automated information system services. Sejoong I.S. has opened a smart work integration IDC center through its expansion in 2012. The company also participated in the “POSPIA 3.0 Project” of POSCO, earning industry recognition in the information solutions sector. In May this year, it was selected as the winner of Eurostar 2, a project to support small and medium-sized enterprises by the European Union, with its safety management system, The company is fully focusing on its safety management system as its new business area.

Headquartered in Daegu, Sejoong I.S. is a small firm with 26 employees, but it is a giant in the ICT industry, with technology recognized even in the U.S. market.