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Rent Korea: 17 Years of Finding Foreigners Accommodations
Company Profile
Rent Korea: 17 Years of Finding Foreigners Accommodations
  • By matthew
  • July 10, 2015, 06:00
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Rent Corea is a subsidiary of the Taeyoung Real Estate Group specializing in the sales and rent of luxurious apartments and villas, targeting foreign employees, researchers, and businessmen living in Seoul.

The particular areas of the city that the company is focusing on are Pyeongchang-dong, Hannam-dong, Itaewon-dong and Yonhee-dong in the Gangbuk area, as well as the entire Gangnam area.

The company was established in 1998, and its headquarters is at Seongbuk-dong in Seoul. It also has nine branches spread throughout the city.

The company provides additional services for its foreign clients such as assistance for daily living with property management, hospitals, schools, telecommunications, insurance, banking, and legal services so that their clients can focus on their jobs.

The company says it is aimed at bridging foreign capitals and funds to the South Korean real estate market, as well as South Korean real estate businesses to the overseas market.

More information about the company is at its website, “”. The company can be contacted via its email address, The phone number of the company’s office in the Gangbuk area is: 02-730-0001; the office in the Gangnam area is contactable via 02-536-0001.

The main services of Rent Corea include:

  • Regional residential environment information
  • Settlement viewing and selection
  • Business office or building search
  • Entry residential and office building decisions
  • Review of entire property-related documents
  • Buying and selling real estate lease agreements
  • Facility maintenance and repair
  • Use expiration cost settlement services
  • Domestic and international business assistance
  • Terms and secondary health care facilities
  • Foreign secondary school selection
  • Legal Services