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KT&G Rolls Out Tonino Lamborghini Icevolt GT
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KT&G Rolls Out Tonino Lamborghini Icevolt GT
  • By matthew
  • July 9, 2015, 08:45
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KT&G (President Min Young-jin) is rolling out the Tonino Lamborghini Icevolt GT, which boasts the best cool and fresh flavor yet to be seen in the domestic market.

“Tonino Lamborghini Ice Bolt GT contains 22 percent ice tobacco, which is freeze-dried at minus 78.2 degrees. This product comes with capsules, which are designed to enhance the fresh and cool taste of the tobacco. When applied to the filter at a desired time, the content inside the capsule enhances the cool taste.”

The packaging design expresses the existing Tonino Lamborghini identity, while at the same time emphasizing its iced cool ambiance.

KT&G Kwon Min-seok Brand Team leader said, “Tonino Lamborghini has been steadily popular in the vicinity of university campuses and young people in their 20s and 30s. With the launch of the capsule, Tonino Lamborghini will better meet expectations of consumers who want a fresh and cool taste.”

A premium tobacco, Tonino Lamborghini represents three years of painstaking development work by experts. In 2012, KT&G signed a licensing agreement with Tonino Lamborghini, a company operating in a variety of product lines ranging from glasses to watches, smartphones, and hotels. Tonino Lamborghini holds the copyright on Tonino Lamborghini tobacco in the global market, which includes Korea.

In a bid to make Tonino Lamborghini a flagship brand in the global market, KT& G has exported Tonino Lamborghini tobacco to 17 overseas countries including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, and the Middle East since 2012.

The new Tonino Lamborghini Ice Bolt GT contains 6.0 mg of tar and 0.50 mg of nicotine. Its price is set at 4700 won per pack.