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GM Korea Tops List of Car Recalls amid Sharp Increase
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GM Korea Tops List of Car Recalls amid Sharp Increase
  • By Jung Min-hee
  • July 9, 2015, 01:15
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GM Korea's plant in Gunsan, South Korea.
GM Korea's plant in Gunsan, South Korea.


A total of 425,212 cars were recalled due to safety-related deficiencies during the January-June period, with 335,040 local manufactured cars in 20 models and 90,172 imported cars in 202 models, according to the Car Deficiency Report Center under the Korea Transportation Safety Authority (TSA) on July 8.

The number of recalled vehicles increased by 25.7 percent, or 86,810, from the 338,402 posted in the same period last year. The number of recalled models rose to 222 from 168 yeor-on-year, with local brands at six and imported ones at 162.

By carmaker, GM Korea topped the list by recalling 217,884 cars, including Lacetti Premieres, Orlandos, Malibus and Alpheons, accounting for almost half of all vehicles recalled in the country.

An official at GM Korea explained, “The company has taken a policy to voluntarily recall vehicles with any faults since the ignition switch-related recall occurred in the U.S.”

Hyundai Motors trailed GM by recalling 217,884 vehicles including Avantes, Grandeur hybrids, Genesis, and i30ds during the period. Kia Motors also recalled 53,721 cars.

Of foreign carmakers, Mercedes-Benz ranked first by recalling 34,756 including some E-series, followed by BMW with 10,238, Ford with 5,594, Chrysler with 3,867, and Nissan with 3,827.

An official at the TSA said, “The number of cars recalled has substantially increased since the middle of last year,” adding, “The recalls are expected to reach 1 million this year.”