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Smartphone-based Internet Access Popular in Korea
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Smartphone-based Internet Access Popular in Korea
  • By Jung Suk-yee
  • July 3, 2015, 05:45
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Many Koreans are reportedly using smartphones to access the Internet. Nine out of ten smartphone users in the nation are actively using smartphones to search for information, while seven out of ten Chinese people, five in the U.S., and three in Japan are using smartphones for that purpose.

According to survey data from the Consumer Barometer on July 2, 60 percent of Internet users in Korea responded that they access the Internet via smartphones more often than other options. The next most popular response of 33 percent said that they equally use smartphones, computers, or tablets, and only 6 percent said that they use computers or tablets more often for Internet access.

In addition, 94 percent of smartphone owners responded that they have been using smartphones for more than 12 months. The majority of them said that they do various types of online activities on a smartphone, including using search engines or social networking services, watching online videos, or searching for product information or maps and directions.

In particular, 88 percent of Korean smartphone users are said to do mobile searches each week, which is the highest number among surveyed countries. China was in the runner-up position with 73 percent, and the U.S. was in 23rd place with 50 percent. Japan ranked 49th with 35 percent.

Five out of ten countries with high smartphone penetration rates and eleven out of twenty one countries with higher smartphone usage rates than those for PCs are reportedly all located in the Asia and the Pacific region. Consumers in the region are also said to actively use smartphones for product research.