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Hotel Coffee in Seoul Most Expensive in World
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Hotel Coffee in Seoul Most Expensive in World
  • By Jung Min-hee
  • June 30, 2015, 03:00
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Coffee prices in hotels located Seoul area are known to be most expensive in the world. said on June 29 that Seoul topped the price list of a cup of coffee in the hotel at 17,700 won (including tax and service charge). The global hotel reservation site made a research on prices of burger sets, coffee, house wine and club sandwiches targeting 30 three-to-five star hotels in 28 countries.

Tokyo ranked second at 9,420 won in the coffee price, followed by Beijing (8,510 won), Hong Kong (8,190 won) and Taipei (7,580 won), showing the top five expensive t cities are all in northeast Asia

Columbia's Bogota was cheapest at 1,740 won, followed by Rio de Janeiro (2,280 won), Mexico City (2,740 won) and Madrid (3,690 won).

House wine prices were highest in Singapore at 15,480 won, followed by Seoul (15,080 won).

Seoul ranked 14th in the prices of burger sets at 24,250 won. Geneva topped the list at 41,870 won, followed by Oslo (34,540 won), Hong Kong (33,870 won), Paris (32,820 won) and London (28,520 won).

Geneva also topped the list of club sandwiches at 33,890 won, followed by Paris (27,020 won), Stockholm (25,300 won), London (24,460 won), Hong Kong (23,370 won), Oslo (22,290 won) and Seoul (22,270 won).

Seoul ranked 6th for the combined prices of the four items, Geneva was highest at 96,050 won, followed by Paris (80,430 won), Hong Kong (79,020 won), Oslo (75,790 won), London (72,500 won).