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Hanwha Q Cells Joins Hands with Tesla to Target Europe’s Solar Market
Solar Target
Hanwha Q Cells Joins Hands with Tesla to Target Europe’s Solar Market
  • By Cho Jin-young
  • June 9, 2015, 02:30
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Hanwha’s solar energy subsidiary Hanwha Q Cells is working with American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla to target Europe’s solar market.

Hanwha Q Cells announced on June 8 that it will participate in the solar photovoltaic exposition Intersolar being held in Munich, Germany, for three days from June 10 (local time).

In the event, the company participate in the Tesla Model S unveiling, which uses power generated by solar cells, and unfold joint marketing with Tesla in the European market. Both companies are planning to expand the application range of solar energy and the base of the electric vehicle market.

Tesla unveiled an energy storage system (ESS) battery pack for the home called the Powerwall last month, trying to tap into the home solar power generation market. There is a good chance that Hanwha Q Cells and Tesla will cooperate to establish a new renewable energy ecosystem that connects solar energy, ESS, and electric cars. The two companies will discuss about the specific range and cost for joint marketing soon.

Along with it, Hanwha Q Cells has showcased the Q Antum cell technology based Q plus Series, one of the most efficient modules in the solar energy industry generating up to 340Wp (or 72 cells) of electricity, and the housing energy solution Q HOME.