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The R&D Control Tower for SMEs to Be Set up inside NSTC
The R&D Control Tower for SMEs to Be Set up inside NSTC
  • By matthew
  • November 14, 2011, 15:50
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An organization to manage and control research and development (R&D) investment for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will be launched at the National Science & Technology Commission (NSTC).

NSTC (Commissioner, Kim Doh-yeon) announced on October 4 that it is reviewing the establishment of a tentatively-named “SME Special Comm-ittee” which will comprehensibly manage the government’s R&D investment for SMEs.

The SME Special Committee will direct pan-governmental R&D policies and projects for SMEs. As a consultative body to coordinate issues, it will design and make a national-level mid- and long-term R&D investment roadmap for SMEs in the policy making stage. Through this, it will be possible to effectively share the responsibilities of government agencies in terms of R&D investment for SMEs, as well as prevent overlapping investments.

In addition, the SME Spe-cial Committee will conduct activities to create a new mid-term R&D paradigm, such as setting up an R&D investment direction in order to foster innovative SMEs. In particular, it is expected that the committee will bring effectiveness to nominal programs, including “KOSBIR (Korea Small Bus-iness Innovation Research Program).”