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World’s Post Office CEOs to Gather in Korea
Post CEO Forum
World’s Post Office CEOs to Gather in Korea
  • By Cho Jin-young
  • April 30, 2015, 01:45
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The “1st Asia-Pacific Post CEO Forum” will be held in September in Korea. In the forum, major post office CEOs in the Asia-Pacific region and Europe will gather and discuss the future of post offices.

Korea Post (President Kim Joon-ho) announced on April 26 at the Asia-Pacific Postal Union Executive Council being held in Islamabad, Pakistan that the first host country of the Asia-Pacific Post CEO Forum will be Korea.

With the theme of “Future of Post Office, Evolved into Global Distribution Corporation,” the forum will invite CEOs of post offices, which lead the innovation of European post offices, and present strategies and successful cases by each sector, which are needed to transform the business environment of post offices in a bid to prepare for the opening of the global post market.

The Asia-Pacific Post CEO Forum, which will be hosted for the first time this year, is expected to become a place where major post office CEOs in the Asia-Pacific region and Europe gather together to discuss the innovation strategies of post offices, the new existence value of post offices, ways to survive in the future, and a steady reform strategy for the post office system and cultural expansion.

Korea Post President Kim Joon-ho said, “In the past decade, three key ideas for the post office were 'the market opening and liberalization of the postal business,' 'the continued drop in mail in the form of letters,' and 'financial difficulties of the post office.' Also, the heads of post offices around the world have made various efforts to overcome these problems. We hope that this forum serves as a momentum to transform and reform for Korean post office.”

The Asia-Pacific Postal Union was established in 1962 on motions by four countries, including Korea and Thailand, with the aim of improving postal services in the Asia-Pacific region. Currently, the union has 32 member countries. It holds general meetings every four years and executive councils between the general meetings. This year, the Asia-Pacific Postal Union Executive Council took place in Islamabad, Pakistan from March 24 to 28.