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64% of South Koreans in Favor of Nuclear Armament
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64% of South Koreans in Favor of Nuclear Armament
  • By matthew
  • February 21, 2013, 10:08
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It has been found that over 60% of South Koreans are in favor of nuclear armament against the North.

Gallup Korea conducted a public survey between February 13 and 15 regarding how threatening North Korea’s recent nuclear test is for the peace in the Korean peninsula. A total of 1,006 persons, all of them being aged 19 or over, participated in the survey and 51% and 26% of the respondents answered that it is very and slightly threatening, respectively. Meanwhile, 18% of the surveyees said it is not that menacing and 3% not dangerous at all. 2% declined to answer the question.

The number of the respondents worried about the situation was larger than that of those who were not across all age groups. In particular, 82% of those in their 20s and 81% in their 60s answered that the test poses threats while 68% in their 40s gave the same answer. 82% of those who support the ruling New Frontier Party expressed concerns and the percentage was 73% for the supporters of the opposition Democratic United Party and independent voters.

Also, 64% of the respondents were in favor of South Korea’s nuclear armament whereas only 28% were against it. The ratio was about 50:50 among those in their 20s and 74% of the ruling party supporters were for nuclear armament. The higher the age, the larger the number of assenters was.

In the meantime, 46% of the people contended that the government stop all aids to North Korea if it does not renounce its nuclear development program while 47% of the respondents said that humanitarian aids should continue even in that case. 7% give no answer. 57% of those in their 60s or older took a firm stand against the aid but 56% and 62% in their 30s and 40s were in favor of the humanitarian aids.

When it comes to the most appropriate timing of the reunification of the two Koreas, 61% suggested 10 years later from now after a gradual progress, 20% were against the reunification and 16% gave the answer that it should be achieved as early as possible.