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MLTM to Apply Big Data Analytics to Space Information
MLTM to Apply Big Data Analytics to Space Information
  • By matthew
  • January 24, 2013, 15:04
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The government plans to apply big data analytics to space information as a core source of future national competitiveness. It will also develop next-generation, all-weather, ultra-light unmanned aerial vehicle and satellite technologies to be used exclusively for space information purposes as part of efforts to improve the quality of space information. And based on these, the government will ultimately come up with technology to create 200,000 jobs and a domestic market for space information worth more than 200 trillion won.

The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (MLTM) is scheduled to host a public hearing on January 23 to discuss a mid- to- long-term comprehensive plan for R&D on land information containing such information. Based on this plan, the ministry will take advantage of space information to achieve mutual economic prosperity, make the country happier place to live, help make the public safer, prepare for the future of the Korean peninsula, and foster new growth engine.

In particular, the MLTM will adopt big data analytics in space information. It will also develop a big data platform, provide services based on it and establish testbeds. In addition, the ministry will develop open-source processing technology to utilize space information software. A system for checking the current status of land space utilization and database also will be put in place.

Based on space information, convergence cultural content such as games and convenient products designed for the senior, the disabled and children will be offered. Hardware and software will be made exclusively for ultra-light unmanned aerial vehicle. The ministry also display testbeds combined with space information, such as U-city, and an underground space management system.