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Korea, China Collaborate on New Season of Fashion Reality Show Fashion King
Fashion King
Korea, China Collaborate on New Season of Fashion Reality Show Fashion King
  • By matthew
  • April 9, 2015, 15:45
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A promotional spot for SBS's hit show Fashion King.
A promotional spot for SBS's hit show Fashion King.


Chinese online video platform Youku Tudou continues its aggressive investment in the Korean media content market. It reported its plans to promote Korean entertainment-related industries, holding hands with SBS Plus, the cable affiliate of SBS. Youku Tudou will co-produce an extra edition of the SBS celebrity fashion survival program “Fashion King Korea.”

China’s leading streaming video sites have been interested in “Fashion King Korea,” which led to creating a contract to produce another series “Fashion King - Box of Secrets” as a joint production, with SBS Plus buying the format. Before merging with Youku, Tudou has experience co-producing and broadcasting “The Show,” a K-pop program by SBS Plus.

Youku Tudou will work together with SBS Plus in the whole process of making the new season including planning, coordination, costume production, sales, and marketing. “Fashion King - Box of Secrets” will premiere on the 25th of this month.  

Last Wednesday, Senior Vice Chairman of Youku Tudou Yang Wei-dong said at a production press conference in Seoul, “The Chinese market recognizes that the Fashion King Series contains competitive broadcasting technologies and rich broadcasting experiences. This collaboration project aims to create a fully qualified media proerty in the global media market, working with the top production company in Korea.”

“Fashion King - Box of Secrets” has the same basic idea as its predecessor, “Fashion King Korea” seasons 1 and 2. However, the interesting point of the new work focuses on Korea-China bilateral competition. Some of the two countries’ top fashion designers will team up with the nation’s top celebrities for a fashion battle to the top.

The upcoming fashionable TV collaboration includes four celebrity-designer teams on each side that will compete against one another. Teams in this episode finalized a powerful line-up, including singer Kim Jong-kook, Seo In-young, actress Yoo In-na, CNBLUE Lee Jung-shin, Super Junior-M Seasoning, and stylist Jeong Yun-gi. Every week each team has to pull off a masterful cooperation on stage, fulfilling fashion challenges and missions. Over 200 fashion specialists from both countries will screen the whole competition. At the end of the weekly show the team with the lowest score will be eliminated from the runaway. The new fashion reality episode will be broadcast for 10 weeks every Saturday night at 10 p.m. local time.